We have a vast amount of experience of working within the construction industry. Our shot blasting services are used on site to help strip paint from brickwork, restore steelworks and treat any form of wood and timber before any constructional work is carried out.

Factories and plants need regular maintenance in order to stay safe. In industries where buildings consist of a lot of heat, steelworks require frequent treating and protective coatings such as intumescent fire coating to help keep the steel framework as cool as possible when subjected to heat.


We offer services to the marine industry to help prolong the life of boats and ships. Over time the salt in the sea water can damage paint work.

We can provide shot blasting services to strip any ageing paintwork. With our experience we understand the importance of surface preparation and when shot-blasting any form of fibreglass we will only strip back to the gel coat.

We also offer airless spray painting services for a full restoration.

Local Authority

Prometheus Services covers a wide radius of the country, reaching out to large cities such as London, Birmingham and Oxford. Within our radius we work with many local authorities, providing a variety of services to ensure places of public interest are kept safe and well maintained.

Commercial Transport

Commercial Transport requires regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure it is kept up to standard. Commercial vehicles undergo many miles on the road and over the years things like salt / grit on the road may start to corrode various parts of a van or lorry such as the chassis, bodywork and other components.

Our shot blasting services can help strip back any ageing paintwork which may have been subject to rust and corrosion. Once we have taken off the original coat of paint we can provide a thorough clean providing an ideal surface which can then be repainted.

We also offer surface protection, specialist coatings and airless sprays to help prolong the life of the vehicle.